Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lancaster Goodies

My trip to Lancaster was, as always, just wonderful. There is something about the peace and quiet of Lancaster that just speaks to me - of course I just said the quiet speaks to me - go figure. I am truly a country girl at heart. My grandparents were actually from Pennsylvania Dutch Country and while they moved early, my grandmother held onto her heritage. While my Mom is not big into cooking and sewing, I have inherited this love from my Grandma. I think being there reminds me of her. If I could live in an old farmhouse in the country I would be in heaven, every time I visit Lancaster or Holmes County (in Ohio, not too far from us) I always bring home real estate magazines. My husband just looks the other way:)
Anyway, my friend and I left early Thursday and arrived in Lancaster around 3ish. We decided to spend Thursday, since it was pouring, at the outlet malls. I am not a huge outlet shopper I must admit. I never feel that the prices are really that much better than I can find elsewhere. I make most of Eleanor's clothes and buy the other items at Wal-Mart or Target, and I buy most of my clothes at Wal-mart, Target and Kohls. Between their low prices and Kohls sales/coupons, I just never look elsewhere. I did succeed in finding a pair of jeans and I also was dying to head to the QVC Outlet. I am a big fan of the TempTations line and was eager to see if they had much. While they did, I was quite disappointed to find they were all seconds and were the same price that I can get them new online. FAIL!
Bright and early Friday morning we hit the fabric stores! Our first stop was Zooks in Intercourse, PA. I blogged about this store earlier and once again it did not disappoint. I could literally spend hours in the store and who knows how much I could spend.
I bought this fabric from the Bliss by Bonnie and Camille for Moda line to make this purse for my sister. I am so excited, I think I may end up making one for me! I did buy some other fabrics at Zooks, however they are for gifts so I cannot reveal on here - otherwise some Christmas gifts would be ruined. I will post about those later!

While at Zooks I also stocked up on muslin to make placemats and embroider this design on. Pottery Barn has had placemats and napkins like this for years, and for a smaller price I can embroider my own. I am also thinking they would make a nice embroidered quilt or framed.

We also visited The Old Country Store in Intercourse. This store has some different fabrics than Zooks, however I find them a bit pricier - although rarely more than $1 per yard. I do personally find that they have a bigger selection of fat quarter bundles, charm packs, layer cakes, etc.

I purchased this fat quarter bundle to make a quilt for our couch. It is from the Autumn Bounty by Maywood Studios line. I am hoping it will tie in the couch, drapes and wall color. We recently did some switching around and moved the family room furniture into the living room, thus giving us room for a large playroom and sewing room. I am thinking I will make the quilt in a basic patchwork pattern.

I bought this fabric to make us all PJ pants for Christmas, however I will probably make a nightgown for Eleanor. I like to make 1 set each year, however it is difficult to find a gender neutral fabric.

While in Intercourse, we also visited Kitchen Kettle Village. While it can be crowded and touristy, they do have some cute stores. At Lill Boden I picked up the following two items. I am quite excited to have something I can do by hand while watching football this winter.

The last store we visited was the Log Cabin Quilt Shop in Bird-in-Hand. I was not able to visit there this summer, however we got there first thing Saturday morning. I found that they had an even bigger selection of charm packs, layer cakes, jelly rolls, etc. than The Old Country Store and some were cheaper. On the same token, some of the yardage was more. At the end of the day, it seems some things are cheaper in some stores and but never by a significant amount. Also, the selection does vary a bit.

I am in the middle of making pillows for my sister and brother-in-law for their couch. I bought this charm pack to make them a quilt to match.

The only purchase that I am unsure of is this:

I mentioned in an earlier post that I joined a table runner of the month club. I thought it would be nice to use this insulated batting so that the runners were not just decorative. I am not sure if it was the Insul-Bright (I hope) or me (I hope not) but when I went to quilt the runner it was a mess. No matter how much I safety pinned it, it just moved a great deal and was very difficult to work with. When I complete the next runner, I will stick with my basic batting and see what happens. Here is to hoping in was the Insul-Bright!

This was truly a wonderful trip. I just love Lancaster, and there is something so nice about a weekend away with friends. Our next trip is planned for an overnight in Holmes County (Ohio's Amish Country) for sometime between November and December. We have two other friends that will be able to join us for this trip!


Michelle said...

I love the Bliss fabric, I think I could collect fabric, LOL!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Shannon said...

Still dreaming of sewing...maybe if I took a little break from baking...hmmmmm...but then there would go my fabric money =)

I love the brown and aqua fabrics!