Sunday, October 31, 2010

Silhouettes and Lanterns

I have always been a big fan of silhouettes and I remember my mom making them when we were kids. Of course, when we were little, she sat us in front of a huge piece of butcher paper and had to draw and outline. Fortunately this was MUCH easier. First, I simply took a profile picture of Eleanor. In all honesty, this was not easy. She kept turning and looking at me the last minute. I may have given her two chocolate chip cookies to look straight at the wall:)
I then printed the picture out and outlined in with a black Sharpie
After that I flipped the picture over and traced again, I personally found it easier to do from this side.
I then taped it to a piece of heavy black cardstock and then cut it out. I found a great piece of green cardstock to tape the silhouette to.
I found this fabulous black frame for $2 at the craft store. It was such a great deal that I did stock up on the basic black frame.
After cutting out the black silhouette I simply taped it to the green cardstock and placed it in the frame.

While purchasing the supplies for the silhouettes, I discovered these great lanterns and shepherd hooks on clearance! I had noticed them last week and fell in love! The lanterns were $30 each and the hooks were $15, that would have been $90 for two sets. I got them on clearance for $40 total! In fact, I picked up extra sets for some of my friends that wanted them also. The store showed them with LED battery operated candles, however I am currently trying real candles. My husband is convinced I am going to burn down the house, however I can watch them from the couch and will not keep them on all night.
**Ignore the dead flowers, I keep meaning to pull them when we are playing in the leaves**

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Sew Many Ways... said...

Finally getting around to reading my favorite blogs. The silhouette of your daughter is wonderful...such a great project.
Love your lanterns too, what a great deal!