Thursday, November 18, 2010

Living Room Spice Up

So I have been on a kick lately to fix up our living room.  Our living room furniture would NOT be my pick.  My husband bought it before we met and it is in incredible shape and is also unbelievably comfortable.  Therefore, I just have a hard time justifying new furniture when this does the job.  So, I have been working on making the rest of the room tie in.  I am also a huge seasonal decorator and I love changing things around; pillows are such an easy way to do this!  Last week Fat Quarter Shop had a 40% off deal on Saltbox Harvest .  Fall is my favorite time of year and this fabric line just screams fall to me.  I have been waiting for this to go on sale so I immediately placed my order.  
I made two pillows for each couch.  I plan to make more, I just want to make them a little different, maybe strips or patches - not sure.  I have also been working on some other "touches" to give the room some character.  Years ago I was given this set of coasters from a student, and the beach look is just not me.  I pulled out some paper and Mod Podge and gave it a new look.  Before:
The picture of the coasters did not turn out, they are a dark mauve.

I found this this idea for framing Christmas Carols here.  I have some planned for Christmas, however I wanted something for Thanksgiving.   I Googled Thanksgiving poems and came up with this poem which I printed out and framed.
 The little white pillow on the couch was Eleanor's addition.  Today was pajama day at her school and they decorated little pillows.  She was planning on sleeping with it until she realized I had new pillows out, she then put hers with it.  

When I have the living room clean enough I may post some pictures of the whole thing.  I have friends coming over tomorrow night so it *should* be clean!

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Shannon said...

Love the new touches...looks great!! One more reason for me to learn to sew...updating things whenever I want and how I want =)