Friday, November 12, 2010

Teacher's Gifts

As a former teacher, I must say that I am now feeling even more appreciative of the gifts I received.  Do not get me wrong, I did always appreciate them, however I am not sure I ever thought about all the other gifts people were buying (I was single then and come from a small family).  Last year, after buying for all of our family and for Eleanor, I had a hard time finding nice yet inexpensive teacher gifts. This year, I am more on top of making gifts for her teachers.  I found this embroidery pattern and floursack dishtowels at JoAnn awhile ago
I ironed the transfer onto the bottom center of the dishtowel, I then used a basic embroidery stitch and embroidered over the transfer lines.  I was able to finish the first towel in one night
I also purchased these paper mache boxes and fabric to cover them with.  My plan is to Mod Podge the fabric onto the box, I am then going to paint the initial on the box.  I actually bought extras to make for my Mom, Aunt and Mother In Law to give as hostess gifts. 
As I looked closer at the fabric, I realized it is not just a basic Christmas toile but a Christmas toile with cats all over it.
While I have nothing personal against cats (I do have a very old one) however this was NOT what I was looking for.  I was fortunately able to exchange the fabric for a simple red with white polka dots.
So far I am quite excited with not only how these dishtowels look, but also with how easy the project is.  This is the perfect project for while I am watching TV.  I need to have them done my the second weekend in December and I think I will be able to meet this goal!

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Shelley said...

So cute! Cant wait to see the boxes :)