Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter Wreath

I am finally back to blogging after a busy few weeks leading up to Christmas.  I know we all feel the same way, but it is just amazing how quick Christmas came this year.  To top it off, I came down with a lovely case of bronchitis and pink eye the Sunday before Christmas.  Pink eye, really?  I felt like a kid again!  Fortunately all is well and I am back to myself.
Today I am participating in Kyla's Too Cute Tuesday Linky Par-Tay over at Funky Polkadot Giraffe.  I am not sure about you, however the month of January can be tricky for me craft wise.  I need to get my Christmas decor down, however it just seems way too soon to start for Valentine's Day.  I decided last night that I wanted to make a wreath for winter, along with a banner and some other ideas (to come next week).  I headed out to Pat Catan's today and found these items
The wreath is not exactly what I wanted, however it was only $2 so SOLD.  The paints were all $.50 and the wood shapes were $.25.   The paper came in a pack of 180 sheets and it was originally $19.99 and I got it for 80% off!  Great deal.

 I used my new Silhouette that my wonderful husband purchased for me for Christmas.  I laid everything out here after hot gluing the letters on so I would know how to lay it out.  I then painted the snow flakes and Mod Podged the snowmen and mittens. 
I am questioning if it is overdone, however everything is hot glued so can really come off quite easy.  I will give it some time to decided.  I thought I bought some ribbon for it, however it is not in my bag or on my receipt - who knows what happened. 

 Overall I am happy with it.  I am going to make a banner for the fireplace this weekend.  My only struggle is coming up with a winter saying other than "Let It Snow".  Thanks so much for stopping by, please leave a message so I can be sure to see what you created for Too Cute Tuesday!

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Shannon said...

So cute!! I want to be like you... =)