Sunday, October 31, 2010

Silhouettes and Lanterns

I have always been a big fan of silhouettes and I remember my mom making them when we were kids. Of course, when we were little, she sat us in front of a huge piece of butcher paper and had to draw and outline. Fortunately this was MUCH easier. First, I simply took a profile picture of Eleanor. In all honesty, this was not easy. She kept turning and looking at me the last minute. I may have given her two chocolate chip cookies to look straight at the wall:)
I then printed the picture out and outlined in with a black Sharpie
After that I flipped the picture over and traced again, I personally found it easier to do from this side.
I then taped it to a piece of heavy black cardstock and then cut it out. I found a great piece of green cardstock to tape the silhouette to.
I found this fabulous black frame for $2 at the craft store. It was such a great deal that I did stock up on the basic black frame.
After cutting out the black silhouette I simply taped it to the green cardstock and placed it in the frame.

While purchasing the supplies for the silhouettes, I discovered these great lanterns and shepherd hooks on clearance! I had noticed them last week and fell in love! The lanterns were $30 each and the hooks were $15, that would have been $90 for two sets. I got them on clearance for $40 total! In fact, I picked up extra sets for some of my friends that wanted them also. The store showed them with LED battery operated candles, however I am currently trying real candles. My husband is convinced I am going to burn down the house, however I can watch them from the couch and will not keep them on all night.
**Ignore the dead flowers, I keep meaning to pull them when we are playing in the leaves**

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Crafting

There are so many things I love about Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. In fact October, November and December are my favorite months of the year. The weather, foods, smells, flannel, holidays, football and lots of great family time all make this wonderful. Another favorite of mine are all the great crafts Eleanor and I can do. We have been very busy getting ready for Halloween, which I think Eleanor prefers over all other days. For the last 3 years, I have purchased a pre-made Halloween gingerbread house at Target for Eleanor and I to decorate. Obviously, as the years progress, she does more of the decorating than me.

I also posted recently about the witches hats we decided to make. I spray painted two paper mache cones black. I then bought some other paints, glitter, ribbon, etc. to decorate them with. Unfortunately, we are at a bit of a stand still on the hats. Here is the painting of the cones and the finished display of them in our dining room.

The missing item for the hats is a round base. I hate cutting cardboard, especially in a circle. It never is perfectly round and I just feel looks messy. I looked at round foam bases, however the are about $5 each, and I am just thinking $10 is a bit much. I had planned on putting the ribbon and glitter on the bases, so I am trying to come up with a new base so that I can finish these hats.
Another recent craft project we did was our Halloween tree. I made a batch of salt dough and we used Halloween cookie cutters to cut them out and bake them. After painting them, we decorated a fabulous little tree that I found at Hobby Lobby. Today I actually bought some small fall cookie cutters and I think we will do these next week. I am thinking I may try and keep this tree decorated seasonally.
Other than crafting, we have been doing lots of this

Monday, October 25, 2010

Skirts, Skirts and Such

Eleanor is now insistent that she only wear skirts or dresses, which is a bit of a problem since I have made her some great outfits that include pants:) Oh well, they will just not get as much use! I have always loved Aimee's Sew Sensible patterns, they are so quick and easy and her instructions are fantastic. My two favorites are her Boutique Bottoms and her Twirl Skort, both of these patterns are quite versatile. Awhile back, Aimee emailed me the instructions for how to make a really quick skirt out of the Twirl Skort pattern. I have been using all of my random 1 yard pieces to make some quick skirts for E. Here are four of them below. They all have a dark brown background, however I am still getting the hang of the lighting in my sewing room with my new camera so the pictures are iffy.

I also made the skirt below using the same skirt pattern. Eleanor received a pair of cowboy boots for her birthday and is insistent on wearing them almost everyday. When I found this flannel cowboy fabric at JoAnn on clearance I had to grab it. I modified this pattern to applique the boots on this t-shirt. My WalMart has had these fabulous long sleeve tees in lots of colors for $5. I stocked up and have been using them for lots of fun projects.

I found this fabulous fabric on my trip to Lancaster, PA this past summer and love this outfit. The pants are the boutique bottoms I mentioned before, and the shirt was the Cathy Dress & Top. I have some great Christmas fabric that I have used to make some other outfits like this, of course being that none are skirts who knows when she will wear them!

I am pretty much caught up on Eleanor's clothes, now I have some fun quilt projects to start and get caught up on. We are also almost done with the witches hats I mentioned before and will post about that tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Decorations

I have not blogged in quite some time, primarily because my camera was dead. The rechargeable battery would not hold a charge. Often, I would charge it for hours and within 5 minutes it was dead. The fact that I have created this blog as a scrapbook of my crafting, not having pictures made posting seem irrelevant. I have been working on/finishing up many projects. Rather than have one long, boring post, I am going to spread them out over the next week or two.
One of my favorite websites is You Can Make This and their other site The DIY Dish. Recently, on Episode 3 of Season 2, they talked about making witches hat out of styrofoam cones. Eleanor watched this episode with me and has been obsessed with making these hats. We headed to one of our local craft stores today to get the necessary supplies. My plan was that we would each make a hat, and I also wanted two extra to do another project. Upon finding the styrofoam cones I realized the size I needed was $4.50 each. That meant I was looking at $18 for a simple craft, and I knew I still needed other things. After searching for a bit, I came upon these paper mache cones that were $1.00 each. Now that is a craft I can get behind!
My idea for the other two cones was to paint them ,glue leaves on them, and create something for the mantle. I found the packs of leaves for $.35 each!

I spray painted two of the cones black and two of them a dark green.
Dinner, bath time, and bedtime came before the black was fully dried, so Eleanor and I will work on our witch hats later this week.
After the green cones dried, I sprayed them with adhesive so that I could put tissue on them to cover bare spots. Not sure this step mattered in the final product.
I then broke out my wonderful glue gun and began covering the cones with the leaves.
A this point, I must confess I was thinking that this was not looking that great! Here is the finished product on my living room mantel. Once getting them on the mantel and arranging them, I honestly have to say that I am happier than I originally was with the finished product. I have 4 soup bowls and a tureen from Williams Sonoma that are pumpkins. I decided that I would try and use them for decorative purposes this year, rather than only when we have soup. The middle shelf of my plant stand was empty, so I sprayed an old coffee can and filled it with leaves. Our main entrance and stairs are to the left of the fireplace, and therefore I am limited regarding the size of anything that can go there. Also, as you can see under the plant stand, our air return vent is right there which also dictates what I can put there. I would love a bench there for backpacks and shoes, however it just will not work.