Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting Caught Up -Christmas

 **Warning - Picture Heavy**
So, I have not been great about blogging lately.  This is primarily because we have had one thing after another in this house.  We have all passed around the stomach flu and bronchitis non-stop since before Christmas.  Matt has a cold, however I think this may be the end - or at least I hope.
When I originally started this blog, the whole point was to chronicle all of the craft projects I do and other fun stuff.  I have also found that it will be a great way to chronicle what we do, since I write nothing down.  So, I figured I might want to get cracking/caught up and there is no better time than Christmas Eve to start.
Christmas Eve was a bit different for us this year.  Having been sick for the week before, I did not do any baking.  Fortunately my Mom came to the rescue and bought lots of cookie trays:)  I made Jamielyn's Taco Soup for dinner, along with bread and salad.
 When we got back from Church, Eleanor put some of the reindeer food Santa gave her in our front yard.  I sadly did not get any was a bit too cold.  I did get a picture of her before heading out, she was so fascinated with the food that she would not look at me!

Christmas day started for us around 6:30, which is sadly what time it starts each day...if not earlier!

Santa was quite generous to Eleanor as were her Nana and PopPop - being the only granchild and adoring your grandparents gives you incredible pull!  My parents spent the day with us.  Eleanor LOVES to help me bake and Santa must have known this, because he brought her some of her own measuring spoons and cups, along with spatulas and mixing spoons.  After dinner Eleanor helped me make the Apple Crisp - this basically turned into me giving her some of the extra ingredients so she could make her own mixture.

And then she fell off the chair and hit her head on the windowsill...

The humor in that is that Eleanor has had a goose egg every Christmas since she was 1.5!  Hopefully next year will be better:)  All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas.  Illness prevented me from finishing lots of gifts, fortunately nobody cared.

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Lulu said...

Oh, she is so cute! Such a fun little helper to have in the kitchen ... sad about her head bump, hopefully next year she won't have one!

Lulu :)