Monday, February 7, 2011

Organizing...or making it look less chaotic

One of the "benefits" to any snow storm is my desire to purge.  As I have mentioned before, our house is over 100 years old and is lacking in any storage.  The downstairs is the living room, dining room and kitchen plus a huge family room(the previous owner added this on).  We use the living room as our family room and the family room as Eleanor's playroom and my sewing room.  Often during the day when I am in the living room ironing or folding laundry, Eleanor's toys seem to make it to the living room.  We really needed somewhere to store some things and I really wanted something to fill in this space
We are holding off buying new furniture until our cat dies.  (Yes, I am aware of how awful that sounds...however he has destroyed our current furniture and he really is quite old)  Anyway, I do not want to put money into any tables when I do not know what my furniture will look like.  Over the summer I bought one of these at Target for our bedroom and I thought it would go well in here.
The bends in the backs are not as noticeable as the photos make them look.  I still need to find some stuff to fill in the empty bins.  I am also not completely sold on the way the top looks.  The lamp was only $2.99 at Target and the Family frame was in the dollar bins there.  I had the silhouette already.  It works for now but I am on the hunt for some other things. 

And another picture with a little lady who loves to jump into all my photos
After finishing the set for the living room on Friday, I decided to tackle Eleanor's craft cabinet.  Our family room is carpeted and I just cannot handle Eleanor painting or using glue or playdough over carpet.  As a result, Eleanor's craft cabinet, easel, and table are in the dining room - yep, it looks just as good as it sounds:)  We did have her using a bookcase to store everything, but it was a constant MESS.  I decided this morning that I wanted another cubeical so off to Target I went!  This time I got 9 fabric bins to store everything.  I was going to get neutral bins since it is our dining room, however I gave in to her color desires.  After all, there is already an easel and table in there, not looking fancy anyway!  So far so good, I do need to find things for the top also. 
I did recently order some heat transfer material for my Silhouette and I think I will use it to make some fun labels for the bins.  The bins have done a great job of hiding so much and I feel like the house is looking less cluttered!  The playroom will be my next snow day attack!