Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ready for Spring

It is Tuesday so that means it is time to link up with the Too Cute Tuesday Linky Par-tay over at Funky Polkadot Giraffe 
I happen to be a person that LOVES winter, I really love a good snowstorm and staying in.  However, as with everyone else, by this time of year I am ready for Spring.  As I slowly begin to take down our Valentine's Day decorations, I am getting ready for spring - maybe a bit early, however I am ready.  What became a potential project flop was readily fixed and saved after a good nights sleep.  I had originally painted these 6x12 boards a pretty yellow, Lemon Ice, from Lowes.  I then cut the lettering and pictures out on white vinyl using my Silhouette.  This is where it went bad, when I hung them up there was no contrast between the yellow and the white - you could not see the writing at all!  I debated what to do, had a brownie and went to bed.
In the morning, I decided to try and spray paint over it and then pull off the vinyl - kind of like a stencil.  It worked!  This was not the easiest job, it was 20 out and my husband has forbidden me to spray paint in the basement again!  So, I was outside, I have never sprayed anything so fast in my life.  Here it is!

The empty glass bowl was a lucky find of mine at Pat Catan's the other day - $3.99.  I am on the quest to find something to put in it, the main problem is I do not know what I want!  My next project is a spring subway art.  I ditched the yellow paint and already found a mossy green for a large 18x24 board.  I think I have everything I want decided on and I plan to cut it all out and place it this weekend.


Laura said...

Love those! I love pink/yellow color combos. I'm definitely ready for spring too. Winter was okay, and then it snowed and got super freezing cool and then I was over it. :)

Mormishmom @ Funky PolkaDot Giraffe said...

I love them! It worked out perfectly.