Thursday, May 12, 2011

Front Porch Facelift, Part 1

 As I have mentioned before, our house is very old.  It was built when people began to leave Cleveland and move out to the suburbs.  We live on a small street right out of the city and all of the houses on our street, and in fact most in our town, have a front porch.  Our houses are all separated by a thin driveway.  While this closeness is not for everyone, we absolutely love it.  As soon as it is warm, we spend every single night on our porch.  We are very close with our next door neighbors and spend all spring, summer and early fall out there.  As a result, we are always looking (and by we I mean I) for great furniture to decorate the porch.  Last year I spray painted the furniture we had to freshen it up, you can read about that here.  The red adirondack chairs really needed another coat, however I just never did it last year. It is amazing what two more coats of paint do!  I also touched up the black star, the wrought iron table and, just because, my mailbox. 
While I was spraypainting my chairs Monday morning, my neighbor wanted hers done also.  So, Eleanor spent the day in their backyard while I spraypainted in our back yard.  Her chairs are the same as mine and are now dark green.  My neighbor also decided she no longer wanted this glider bench!  I attacked her as she put it on the tree lawn and it is mine.
I sprayed it black today to match the bench on the opposite end.  I also primed and repainted our black urns because they were chipping something awful
I picked up some new accessories at Pat Catans today.  These bowls and vase are plastic.  
I used the spray primer for plastic
and painted them the same red as the chairs and stacked them on my plant stand
The only thing left to do is make all new pillows for the couches and chairs and get something to put in the bowls and vases above.  I also need to plant flowers in the urns, however I never plant anything until Memorial Day weekend...I then feel safe enough that we will not get another freeze.   My neighbor and I spent quite a bit of time drinking coffee on the porch tonight after we put all the kids to bed-I am thrilled with the way it looks.

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Maegan said...

ohmygosh everything looks so amazing, so pretty and welcoming! I want your front porch. Seriously, trade me houses?


Robyn said...

I so wish I could come sit with you on your new porch!!!!!

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Wonderful! I love red, so I love what you've done! Great job and lovely porch.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Just lovely! Makes me want to climb on up and sit awhile! And yet again I say, spray paint makes EVERYTHING better! Great job and love the red!

The Autocrat: Haley said...

I just gave mine a facelift too! Looks great! Wish mine was as big as yours.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I'm extremely impressed. I'm shopping for some 2nd hand porch furniture. Wish you could zip over and paint it when I finally find it. I'm really into purchasing used these days. It makes sense and when you can refubish your own stuff or someone else's it is better than new. Good for you. I'm off to look at the used ads.