Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

We have been quite busy and sick here yet again so it has been awhile since I have either had time to blog or even done anything worth blogging about!  The only thing major here was that I got my wisdom teeth out.  Everyone one told me how awful it is, however I must say I was a bit naive.  I can truly say it was about two weeks before I felt like me again.  That being said, in the midst of me laying in bed in misery, I was watching news coverage of tornadoes moving in and the destruction they left behind.  Talk about perspective! 

Friday was Eleanor's Mother's Day program at preschool.  Late on Thursday night I brilliantly decided she need a new dress, so I got to work.  I made her the Cathy Dress Top from SisBoom using the Heather Bailey Pop Garden Tiled Primrose in celery and Pineapple Brocade in Ice.  It was a late night, however here is the finished project

 I also used some leftover fabric to make these flowers for her hair using a fabulous tutorial from Erin over at Bringing up Burns, you can buy the tutorial here.  I have tried numerous different ways to make these and hands down Erin's tutorial is the BEST!  I am still practicing, and I have had some turn out better, however my excuse is that it was 3AM.

Sadly poor Miss Eleanor suffers from awful stage fright.  It began last year at the 3yr old Christmas program when she stood on the stage and cried.  The fact that she stood up with her class and did not sit on my lap was progress!  I sat there like all the other Momma's snapping away HOPING I would get a smile.  Nope.  Nada.  Nothing.  She just had this pitiful look on her sweet face
Please don't think I am cruel.  At no point did she try and sit down.  She just stood like that the whole time.  Of course, now looking at the pictures, I do feel bad!  
I do not have any Mother's Day pics because Eleanor woke up Saturday night with a nasty cold and what we believe is croup.  So far she has been fine tonight and, fingers crossed, we will not have to go in to the doctor tomorrow.  We stayed home from Church, however we did let her run around outside today even though she was sick.  We have had rain for 18 of the last 19 days and this weekend it finally stopped!!!  While they played outside, I finally cleaned up the sewing room/playroom.  I did not take any before pics but toys were everywhere, along with all my fabric and crafty stuff.  It was actually very nice to have the windows open and quietly clean up.  Here is the finished room, not perfect but a great start!  The missing curtains are my next project to finish.



Maegan said...

I had my wisdom teeth removed in 6th grade. They were "kernels" that they had to dig and find. Good memories! :o

Hope E feel better! That dress is amazingly adorable, can't believe you did that in 1 night!

Happy Mother's Day!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Love love the dress. I really want to make this for Allison. What sizes does this come in? I made dresses like this for my daughters when they were little bit I threw out all my old patterns. Darn it. You did a great job.