Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quick Mother's Day Gift

We did not plan on having any family over for Mother's Day, so I am embarrassed to say that I had not yet come up with a gift for either of our Moms.  A couple of months ago while in Pat Catans I picked up picture frames for about $3 each.  I had no doubt I would be able to eventually use them. On Saturday afternoon it was decided that both of our families would be joining us on Sunday.  I headed to Archivers to find paper to Mod Podge onto the frames. I picked the Paris scene because my MIL recently returned from France.  She was not actually in Paris, however this was the best I could find.  For my mother I picked the kindofdifferentIcannotdescribeit paper because it will match her family room.  The third paper I actually picked up for my sister.  It matches a quilt I made her for Christmas that I have actually yet to give to her (it may or may not actually be finished).

I then spray painted the sides and backs of the frames brown.  I figured this color matched all three and would give the frames a more finished look on the side.  I traced the outline of the frame onto the backs of my paper and cut it out.  I then plopped myself on the front porch and while Eleanor dug for worms I Mod Podged the paper on. 

Here are the three finished frames.  
I forgot to take a close up of all of them, but here is the one for my MIL closer.
I would have liked to add some embellishments to these, and I had purchased somethings to do that.  The only problem was this really became a last minute project and by the time I finished it was time to shower and pick up the babysitter Saturday night.  Overall, I am happy with how they turned out.  

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

How cute. I love what you do. I'm not good at stuff like this. It is fun to see your talents.