Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bact to School Dress

As I have mentioned before, I make the majority of Eleanor's clothing.  I do this for a variety of reasons.  I find it particularly hard to find clothing that is, in my opinion, age appropriate at a reasonable price.  I also have very set ideas on what I want for Eleanor and can achieve it this way.  Most importantly, I absolutely love sewing her clothing.  I take a great deal of joy out of quilting and home dec/craft sewing, however I just adore sewing clothing for Eleanor.  I am one that still believes you should wear a dress for your first day of school.  Here is her dress from 2 years ago for 3yr old preschool, look how tiny she was:(  I made this dress using the Carla Crim Sew Boutique A-Line Dress using Alexander Henry's Apples and Pears.
Using the same fabric, here is last years 4yr old  class dress.  This is the SisBoom Cathy Dress and Top
I do still have quite a bit of this fabric, however I felt like something different this year.  I took Eleanor to JoAnn last week to help me find the fabric.  Here is what she picked.  I have been eyeing this fabric for over a year.  It is one of their quilting fabrics and it was priced at about $10/yd.  I have to say, and this is just my humble opinion, that when I think of the quality of fabics I buy from quilt shops this does not measure up.  I do go to JoAnn for fabric for her clothing all the time, primarily because it is a great value for the amount of wear she will get out of it.  This, is not $10 fabric.  It does not have the same hand; it is fine, just not worth $10.  Yet I digress.  We found this in the clearance section for $4/yd. 
 I even bought some of this, which is a coordinate, to make a skirt out of. 

Here is the finished dress.  It is the Carla Crim Precious Dress which I first made here for Millie. 

 Here is the back of the dress, there are pins holding it together because I can never find the buttons I want when I need them. 

 I am so excited about this dress.  There is a good chance it will be warm the first day of school, however if not she can wear a simple cardigan.  Also, the colors of the fabric will lend it to being worn all fall and winter.   Eleanor starts school in 2 weeks so I will post pictures of her in the dress then.  I have lots more ideas for her fall clothing that I will share over the next few weeks. 


nest of posies said...

ADORABLE! ohmygoodness. such darling detail.



Sharon said...

That is adorable! As are the other first day of school dresses. I agree, the fabric at JoAnn's isn't the best quality. But on clearance! Well worth it. I bet she loves it doesn't she?

Christine said...

OMG! This is such a beautiful dress. She is going to look so pretty on her first day of school.

Amy said...

What a pretty dress! Eleanor has great taste in fabric already!

Selina Marie said...

What a lucky girl to have all those beautiful dresses made by her mom! I have made one dress in my life and it was HARD! Great job!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Her dresses are so cute. What a great mom you are. I have such great memories of my mom sewing all my clothes. Put away snips of fabric, or even better. Keep the dresses. I so so wish I had the dresses my mom made me. I loved them so much.

Rachel said...

What a gorgeous dress!! I am seriously jealous of your mad skills!! Fantastic job!!

Danice said...

I am currently finishing up a Precious dress. 'Love that pattern. I just now found your blog, and am now following :)