Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Bare Wall...No More

*Disclaimer, my walls are not really purple.  They are supposed to be taupe, yet look purple.  This will be fixed this coming fall/winter*
So for the longest time there has been a relatively empty wall in my living room, it was so bad I don't even have pictures.  At Christmas, the tree is there, but my husband will not allow that up all year.  One of my favorite magazines of all time is Country Sampler .  If you like country and/or primitive decor their magazine is a wealth of information.  I have finally purchased some binders and sleeves to store everything I like because the issues were falling apart!  Anyway, I have always loved floating shelves or quilt racks on walls.  The are different than pictures because you can also accessorize on top.  I have been eying up a black rack for quite some time, until I realized I had purchased it years ago for Eleanor's room and it was pink.  So, I broke out my trusty can of Rust-oleum in Canyon Black and the rack is now what I want.  Country Sampler also had a set of lit up houses that were $30 each.  I knew I had seen unfinished wood ones at Pat Catan's.  We went there the other day and I got these for $3 each.  Score!

 I painted the outside and here they are. The pictures on the website of the ones that I am copying showed them unpainted on the inside - the jury is still out on that, however I am not sure what I would do to the inside.  The one magazine showed them with candles inside.  Since that screams burning down the house to me, I bought really small led battery operated candles. 

 The only thing I did not like was that the rack was empty.  I did not have anything to hang except this small table topper that I just finished (will blog about that later).  It is not going to stay up there, however it will work for now.  I have some Saltbox Harvest fabric left from last year and I am going to use that. 

I still need to put something in that frame which has been sitting empty for months and I would like to find a small lamp for that corner.  Other than that, I am so happy with how it looks.


Selina Marie said...

I love those saltbox houses! I think your table topper looks really cute on the rack too =)

Amy said...

Love the houses! You did a great job painting them, they look good up on the shelf too. Cute!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

what a cute idea and your quilt looks so cute there