Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby Shower

My sister is having her first baby, a boy, in December. Last weekend my Mom, Eleanor and I had a shower for her. I began searching back during the summer on Pinterest for ideas for the baby shower. Here are some of the ideas I came up with.
If you are on Pinterest, I have no doubt you have seen all the great yarn wreaths. I purchased 2 foam wreath forms, way too much brown yarn, and felt

I also used a really large Ball canning jar from Hobby Lobby, cut out the word Blessings using my Silhouette and added a ribbon. I then cut lots of pieces of paper for people to write blessings on for the baby.

For the favors, I used a recipe from a Gooseberry Patch book for Hot Cocoa Mocha. I put it in pint size Mason jars, cut a tag with my Silhouette and tied on a ribbon.

For the dessert, I made Mason Jar cupcakes. These are all over Pinterest and I love the way they look. I was not as thrilled with the way mine were, however they did turn out okay.

Here are some pictures from the shower

I did decide, the night before the shower, to make this outfit for Eleanor and to make a matching one for her doll. It was one of my more brilliant crazy ideas, however I got it done on time. I love this fabric, and I plan on using it again to make a Christmas outfit.


Selina Marie said...

Wow! It looks like everything turned out really great! I can't believe you made an entire outfit (plus the doll one) the night before. Where were you when I needed a shower for all my babies? Heehee! You should hire yourself out ;)

Amy said...

Everything turned out so cute, you did a great job! Ditto Selina, maybe you could throw us a Not Have a Baby Ever Again shower? ;) I cant believe you got E's outfit done in time, youre amazing!

Nanette Merrill said...

Oh my gosh. You are so creative and resourceful. What a great shower. A+ teacher (well, used to be teacher)