Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BOO Jars

I am an admitted Pinterest addict, in fact I can spend huge chunks of time on there just pinning away.  I am now making an effort to actually make many of the things I pinned, which is probably just my way of justifying my time wasting skills.  Back in the summer, I saw this pin for these Halloween Jars (you can find the tutorial here)
I immediately knew I wanted to do this, however I soon found that my Hobby Lobby and Pat Catans no longer carry the unfinished wood candlesticks.  I did not take a picture of the candlesticks before, however I they looked like they do now, just not painted:)  I wanted to spray the lids of the jars, however I have been sick and we have also had rain, neither of which are helpful for spraying.  So, I will either spray the lids black this week or they can easily be done for next year.  Here is what my BOO jars look like
 I realized after the fact that I forgot to buy the round pieces for under the candlesticks, and those are necessary I can now tell.  The jars are currently top heavy so I will need to pick up three of those.  I also chose to use my Silhouette to cut vinyl letters.  I am still on the hunt for unfinished finials for the top of the jars, I haven't found what I am looking for yet. 

Overall I am very happy with these and I think I will make another set for Christmas.  It is a very inexpensive project and so easy.


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I agree, how cute! If I did all the projects Ive pinned on Pinterest I would be broke!