Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Dresses

I absolutely love making seasonal/holiday clothing for Eleanor. I am such a big fan of different holidays, and I have accepted that I am too old for holiday decorated clothing! As with all clothing I make for Eleanor, I know I have a limited window in which she will wear what I choose. A couple of months ago my friend Amy and I were discussing a dress she wanted to make for her daughter Millie. Amy is wrong and thinks she cannot sew kids clothing, however that is a story for another day! I blogged about Millie's dress back in July, and when I made her dress Eleanor fell in love with it. I found the same Alexander Henry Ghastlies fabric in pink and ordered the Bramble for the collar, trim and ties. The dress is made using Carla Crim's Precious Dress pattern, which I also used for her first day of school dress. Here are some pictures of the finished dress, my camera need new batteries so excuse the picture quality

I also made her dress which was inspired by a dress I saw on Pinterest with a Jack o Lantern face. That dress was a pillowcase dress, however Eleanor will not wear pillowcase dresses anymore. So, I used the Carla Crim and SisBoom Cathy dress pattern. This fabric is from the Halloween section at JoAnn.

I drew a pumpkin face to appliqué onto the dress

And here is the finished dress

I still have quite a few skirts from last Halloween that Eleanor can still fit into. I plan on making an appliqué dress for Thanksgiving and Christmas also. I did have some other ideas, however she can really only wear them in October!


Sharon said...

Those are so cute! Such a stylish little girl she is!

Wandering Threads said...

You do such nice work and this is adorable! You really should open an online shop :)

Amy said...

I love the pink Ghastlies, its so cute! Her pumpkin dress turned out great too!

Carolyn said...

Totally loving the pink Ghastlies dress! I have some and can't decide what to make with mine yet. Love the pumpkin dress. You are sooo talented!!

Sharon said...

Oh so cute! Love that pumpkin polka dot dress.

Nanette Merrill said...

She's so cute. Both dresses are so cute. But the pumpkin is genius.