Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mantel Update

I have been dying to do something different with our fireplace mantel for a long time.  When we first bought our house, the plan was to use the front room as a formal living room and the back as a family room.  The three pictures hanging above the mantle were purchased with this in mind. 

Awhile back we decided to make the family room our playroom and sewing room, and the front living room became our family room.  The pictures no longer matched with the other decor in the room, which is more casual and country.  I did not want to spend lots of money, because then I am tied to what I buy.  I did have some prints I really like, however by the time I would get them all framed I would have spent a couple hundred dollars.  
The other night, while managing my time well, I found this picture on Pinterest
I am a huge fan of the tin/metal barn stars and thought this is something I could adapt to use year round. I headed to Pat Catan's today to stock up on stars.  I wanted all black and found that all the black ones were on clearance $5 or less!  Unfortunately, they did not have enough black ones but I did find some rusty brown also on clearance.  I figured I could just spray paint them.  Since we are on the verge of living on a houseboat and therefore I have no clue when I will be able to spray them, I decided to go ahead and hang them to see how it looked.

Once I had them hung I thought maybe I liked the brown and black combo and the wonderful Selina and Amy concurred, so they will stay this way!
 My photography skills are evidently lacking so the picture with the twinkle lights I tried to take did not turn out so well.  The one below is a bit better.
I am thrilled with how this now looks, and I did the whole thing for under $20!


Selina Marie said...

I think it looks so great Christine!!! I can't believe you got such a good deal on them!

Amy said...

I love the brown and black together, the stars look great on your mantle! Now I want to put some up on mine!