Sunday, October 9, 2011

Show and Tell

I am sure it is not only my child who is this way, however Show and Tell day at school is a big deal to Eleanor. She also gets to bring snack that day and be the star student. Really people, this is like Christmas Eve at our house. Last year she brought the same old stuffed cat every single time. He is old, dirty, and I embarrassed at how dirty he is. So, this year she wanted to bring her American Girl doll and she wanted them to have matching dresses. I have mentioned before that I love Carla Crim's sewing patterns. They are so incredibly detailed that they are so easy to get a perfect fit. Carla also includes with many of her patterns the pattern to make a match for 18in dolls, which fits the American Girl dolls. The pattern we picked was Carla's Portrait Peasant Top and Dress. I had made this pattern before as a top but this was my first go at a dress. I had a very simple brown with white polka dots that she picked. The matching hair clips and pins are a pattern by Violet Field Threads called the Rosalind Flowers. I have seen many of these on Pinterest and this one was the easiest for me. I made multiple sizes to use as pins and hair clips. Eleanor was thrilled with the outfit!
For snack, I had planned to make Kelli's confetti,
however I did not have candy melts on hand, just chocolate chips. The chocolate chips did not melt well and made a mess, so instead I just used popcorn and autumn colored M&M's. Here is my assistant while we made it.
It is her turn again in two weeks - she is already making big plans!


Jacqueline said...

She is adorable. =)

Amy said...

How cute! Youre every kids dream Mom!

Nanette Merrill said...

aw. you are such a great mom.