Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 ... The BIG Finish

So the other day I decided that all of this mess disaster needed to be cleaned up.  It was so bad that my ruffling foot is actually is MIA.  This is the before

My husband would say I should be humiliated by this, however I know so many of you that sew can say yours is or has been worse.  Here is the sewing closet after

So, after getting all of my fabric organized and throwing away 50 tons of random threads, I am ready to get down to business.  My plan for this year, and I am hoping it is just for the first month or two, is to finish all of my projects.  Here is what is already cut
making this skirt for Eleanor 
 The SisBoom Leighanna dress 
 there are 4 pairs of doll pants and 4 doll tops here to make the Carla Crim Easy Fit pants and the Carla Crim Portrait Peasant Top.  I already finished Eleanors outfit using the Easy Fit pants and the Leighanna top.  
When I am finished with these items, I plan to cut into some fleece to make Eleanor a winter coat and also cut into some pink damask flannel to make a top for me.  So, today begins my big day.  My goal is to buy nothing more until I am all finished.  The only exception to this will be Eleanor's Easter dress and coat, which the lovely Janet and Jen at Lola Pink Fabrics have helped me in finding the patterns that I want!


Kerry_Kid Giddy said...

i am so feeling you on this one! My room is the same!!! I have been taking my own before and in between pics - but am not done yet to post them on my blog! I do not judge! lol! My room is tiny and I just cut a ton of fleece and t-shirts for my girls t-shirt blankets which has already freed up a ton of room! (and one for me too!)

Shannon Willcutt said...

Wish I had a craft room!!!!

Wishing you many blessings in 2012!!

Fabiola said...

Good Job!! I just told Hubby, my 2012 goal is to be more organized in general. Let's see how long it will last ; )

Nanette Merrill said...

When my sewing room is a disaster I don't want to be there. So it always helps my creativity to clean it up. Nice job.