Wednesday, May 18, 2011

MY Biggest Quilt to Date is DONE

So the last time I posted about this quilt was here, on November 30.  This was the quilt I was making for my sister and her husband...for Christmas...last year.  So, here it is May and I finally finished it.  The quilt is roughly lap size, as I mentioned before it was entirely unplanned so it just turned out as big as it did.  Looking back, I kind of wish I had added some more to the border to make it bigger.  Here it is
If one were to look close it is certainly not perfect, however I have only been quilting for a year so I am pretty happy with it.  I tried a new way to put on the binding, and my binding is kind of wide.  Not sure what went on there.  I think I will go back to the traditional way of binding with my next project.  I also learned doing this that I really do need a walking foot, which is something I will invest in.  Overall, however, I am happy with this!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

July Table Runner Side 1

So almost a year ago I blogged about joining the Fresh and Fancy Table Runner of the month club by Cotton Way.  Lets fast forward a year.  I have all of them in my possession and I have made 1.  Yes one.  And it was a disaster.  It was the largest quilt I had tried to quilt and it was, and still is, a hot mess.  Well I soon found Nanette over at Freda's Hive and I may or may not have begun somewhat stalking her on her blog and twitter.  Seriously, she has solved all of my quilting dilemmas!  Anyway, she has an incredible tutorial on putting your quilt together and it has helped me greatly.  I have been practicing with lots of small pieces and I am ready to jump back in; I did not want to waste another full kit.  I am done with the first side of this table runner and the back is simple strips so it will not take as long.  Somebody will be getting this for Christmas...unless I like it in my dining room.
Here is my progress

 So I included this close-up to brag about myself for a minute.  For the first time all my corners match up.  This has been the hardest thing for me with quilting - I do have two seams that did not match up, however I figure that is an accomplishment!  Also I do have a hard time having everything measure up.  I cut VERY slowly and carefully, measure repeatedly and still things are off.  Just will have to work at it.  This quilt was easy to fidget because so much of this is stripes, it was easy to trim.
I am going to hopefully finish the back this week and I also need to bind the quilt that I made my sister for Christmas....last year.  She is coming for Memorial Day so I must finish!!
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Teacher Gifts

While browsing through Kyla over at Funky Polkadot Giraffe's Too Cute Tuesday Linky Par-tay, I came across two fabulous ideas for teacher gifts.  Since these are not my ideas, I am not going to include full tutorials, however they can be found at Running With Glitter for the coffee mug and Sweet Peas and Bumblebees for the flower pot. 
I picked up the clay pots for $2 each at Pat Catans and sprayed them turquoise, it took three coats of paint. 
I then used my Silhouette and added some designs and words for summer.
I did find that the vinyl was a bit trickier to attach because the pots are curved, but overall it was easy.  I then added three coats of Mod Podge to the pot to seal the vinyl on.  I do not know if you have to do this, but I found because of the uneven texture of the pots there were spots where the letters pulled up.  

I also bought the coffee mugs at Pat Catans.  I removed the photo insert paper and traced it onto the scrapbook paper and simply put the paper back in.  I had originally planned on adding their initials, however I just did not like the way it turned out on mine.  The initials do look fabulous on the ones over on Running with Glitter!  
 To finish it off I stuffed the bottom of the pots with lots of tissue, added two small coffee samples and put in two cards I also made with the Silhouette. 

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Front Porch Facelift, Part 1

 As I have mentioned before, our house is very old.  It was built when people began to leave Cleveland and move out to the suburbs.  We live on a small street right out of the city and all of the houses on our street, and in fact most in our town, have a front porch.  Our houses are all separated by a thin driveway.  While this closeness is not for everyone, we absolutely love it.  As soon as it is warm, we spend every single night on our porch.  We are very close with our next door neighbors and spend all spring, summer and early fall out there.  As a result, we are always looking (and by we I mean I) for great furniture to decorate the porch.  Last year I spray painted the furniture we had to freshen it up, you can read about that here.  The red adirondack chairs really needed another coat, however I just never did it last year. It is amazing what two more coats of paint do!  I also touched up the black star, the wrought iron table and, just because, my mailbox. 
While I was spraypainting my chairs Monday morning, my neighbor wanted hers done also.  So, Eleanor spent the day in their backyard while I spraypainted in our back yard.  Her chairs are the same as mine and are now dark green.  My neighbor also decided she no longer wanted this glider bench!  I attacked her as she put it on the tree lawn and it is mine.
I sprayed it black today to match the bench on the opposite end.  I also primed and repainted our black urns because they were chipping something awful
I picked up some new accessories at Pat Catans today.  These bowls and vase are plastic.  
I used the spray primer for plastic
and painted them the same red as the chairs and stacked them on my plant stand
The only thing left to do is make all new pillows for the couches and chairs and get something to put in the bowls and vases above.  I also need to plant flowers in the urns, however I never plant anything until Memorial Day weekend...I then feel safe enough that we will not get another freeze.   My neighbor and I spent quite a bit of time drinking coffee on the porch tonight after we put all the kids to bed-I am thrilled with the way it looks.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quick Mother's Day Gift

We did not plan on having any family over for Mother's Day, so I am embarrassed to say that I had not yet come up with a gift for either of our Moms.  A couple of months ago while in Pat Catans I picked up picture frames for about $3 each.  I had no doubt I would be able to eventually use them. On Saturday afternoon it was decided that both of our families would be joining us on Sunday.  I headed to Archivers to find paper to Mod Podge onto the frames. I picked the Paris scene because my MIL recently returned from France.  She was not actually in Paris, however this was the best I could find.  For my mother I picked the kindofdifferentIcannotdescribeit paper because it will match her family room.  The third paper I actually picked up for my sister.  It matches a quilt I made her for Christmas that I have actually yet to give to her (it may or may not actually be finished).

I then spray painted the sides and backs of the frames brown.  I figured this color matched all three and would give the frames a more finished look on the side.  I traced the outline of the frame onto the backs of my paper and cut it out.  I then plopped myself on the front porch and while Eleanor dug for worms I Mod Podged the paper on. 

Here are the three finished frames.  
I forgot to take a close up of all of them, but here is the one for my MIL closer.
I would have liked to add some embellishments to these, and I had purchased somethings to do that.  The only problem was this really became a last minute project and by the time I finished it was time to shower and pick up the babysitter Saturday night.  Overall, I am happy with how they turned out.  

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

We have been quite busy and sick here yet again so it has been awhile since I have either had time to blog or even done anything worth blogging about!  The only thing major here was that I got my wisdom teeth out.  Everyone one told me how awful it is, however I must say I was a bit naive.  I can truly say it was about two weeks before I felt like me again.  That being said, in the midst of me laying in bed in misery, I was watching news coverage of tornadoes moving in and the destruction they left behind.  Talk about perspective! 

Friday was Eleanor's Mother's Day program at preschool.  Late on Thursday night I brilliantly decided she need a new dress, so I got to work.  I made her the Cathy Dress Top from SisBoom using the Heather Bailey Pop Garden Tiled Primrose in celery and Pineapple Brocade in Ice.  It was a late night, however here is the finished project

 I also used some leftover fabric to make these flowers for her hair using a fabulous tutorial from Erin over at Bringing up Burns, you can buy the tutorial here.  I have tried numerous different ways to make these and hands down Erin's tutorial is the BEST!  I am still practicing, and I have had some turn out better, however my excuse is that it was 3AM.

Sadly poor Miss Eleanor suffers from awful stage fright.  It began last year at the 3yr old Christmas program when she stood on the stage and cried.  The fact that she stood up with her class and did not sit on my lap was progress!  I sat there like all the other Momma's snapping away HOPING I would get a smile.  Nope.  Nada.  Nothing.  She just had this pitiful look on her sweet face
Please don't think I am cruel.  At no point did she try and sit down.  She just stood like that the whole time.  Of course, now looking at the pictures, I do feel bad!  
I do not have any Mother's Day pics because Eleanor woke up Saturday night with a nasty cold and what we believe is croup.  So far she has been fine tonight and, fingers crossed, we will not have to go in to the doctor tomorrow.  We stayed home from Church, however we did let her run around outside today even though she was sick.  We have had rain for 18 of the last 19 days and this weekend it finally stopped!!!  While they played outside, I finally cleaned up the sewing room/playroom.  I did not take any before pics but toys were everywhere, along with all my fabric and crafty stuff.  It was actually very nice to have the windows open and quietly clean up.  Here is the finished room, not perfect but a great start!  The missing curtains are my next project to finish.