Thursday, September 1, 2011

Eleanor's 5th Birthday

I am only about a month late in posting pictures from Eleanor's 5th birthday party.  I am a huge fan of birthday celebrations.  We still do her parties at home with just family and a friend or two, however the days of that are coming to an end.  I love making her cake and all the decorations.  This year, her party was right after our trip to the beach.  As a result, I did not get any of the stuff I wanted to do done for the party.  While I know Eleanor didn't care, I did.  Next year I will plan better:)  Her cake, which I made up in my head, came out great.  Here are some pictures from years past, sadly do to a mistake on my part I no longer have any pictures from her first birthday:(  
Her 2nd Birthday
 3rd Birthday
4th Birthday
 And here is this year.  I decided to make a giant cupcake, however it was way too big.  I had cake leftover forever.  I sadly could not find the birthday runner that I used the year before, but it is here somewhere.  I made two layer cakes and cut them to shape.  Hilariously it was too big for my side by side fridge so I couldn't crumb coat it which made for some messy frosting!

I really do not have many pictures this year and I am not sure why.  I hope to do better next year!