Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 ... The BIG Finish

So the other day I decided that all of this mess disaster needed to be cleaned up.  It was so bad that my ruffling foot is actually is MIA.  This is the before

My husband would say I should be humiliated by this, however I know so many of you that sew can say yours is or has been worse.  Here is the sewing closet after

So, after getting all of my fabric organized and throwing away 50 tons of random threads, I am ready to get down to business.  My plan for this year, and I am hoping it is just for the first month or two, is to finish all of my projects.  Here is what is already cut
making this skirt for Eleanor 
 The SisBoom Leighanna dress 
 there are 4 pairs of doll pants and 4 doll tops here to make the Carla Crim Easy Fit pants and the Carla Crim Portrait Peasant Top.  I already finished Eleanors outfit using the Easy Fit pants and the Leighanna top.  
When I am finished with these items, I plan to cut into some fleece to make Eleanor a winter coat and also cut into some pink damask flannel to make a top for me.  So, today begins my big day.  My goal is to buy nothing more until I am all finished.  The only exception to this will be Eleanor's Easter dress and coat, which the lovely Janet and Jen at Lola Pink Fabrics have helped me in finding the patterns that I want!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sis Boom Test Pattern

Back in November I was contacted by the fabulous Carla Crim , who designs her own patterns under Scientific Seamstress and also for SisBoom, and asked if I wanted to test one of their newest patterns, the Leighanna.  Now, anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to sing the praises of Carla and Jennifer.  The fabric and patterns are just wonderful.  So, if we are going to be honest, I may have jumped around and told my husband I felt like a celebrity.  Anyway, within a week Carla sent me the most wonderful fabric, the SisBoom West Indies Marie in Pink
Eleanor immediately fell in love with the fabric and so did I.  As with all of Carla's patterns I was able to easily follow the directions.  One of the things I absolutely love about her patterns, is that the layout of them all is the  same.  The measurement technique is always the same, the instructions and methods are consistent, they are easy to customize for a perfect fit, and there are never any details overlooked.  The pattern came together very quickly and the instructions made the construction a breeze.  As with all of their patterns, there are so many ways to customize it.  You can make it a top or a dress, use any sleeve length, add ruffles or trim, or simply make it basic.  I always make dresses because Eleanor loves them and they are sized so that she gets 2 years as a dress and a 3rd as a top - cannot beat that!  I chose to use bell sleeves and add the pom pom trim.  Here is my finished product

 Instead of making a hairbow to match, this time I decided to make some frayed flower rosettes and hot glue them to a simple plastic headband.  I then added some very inexpensive gems to give it what Eleanor calls some pizzazz.  

I absolutely loved this pattern.  I have 3 different fabrics here that I was not sure what I was going to do with I know.  This pattern would also make an adorable nightgown.  Carla's patterns are so simple that they don't even require buttons or zippers meaning anyone can do them (did you hear that Selina and Amy?).  Eleanor cannot wait to wear this dress in the Spring and I cannot wait to make more! Thanks Jennifer and Carla for all of your fabulous ideas and inspiration!