Monday, January 2, 2012

My First Finish for 2012

I finished my first project of the year today.  In my previous post, I mentioned that my goal for this year was to finish all of my unfinished projects, beginning with the projects that were already cut.  The first project I decided to finish was to make the Sis Boom Leighanna with this fabric and trim.
This is a flannel fabric that I got on sale at JoAnn before Christmas (it was supposed to be a Christmas gift for Eleanor, but obviously a bit late).  I sometimes have people find my choice of flannel for clothing to be odd, however I love it.  For winters in Northeast Ohio, flannel is warm and cozy so I think it is perfect.  This was my second time making something with this pattern.  The first time was when I was testing the pattern so I went very slowly and took notes while I did it, just in case there was anything I wanted to share with Carla.  This time, knowing how easy it goes together, I was able to quickly put the dress together.  

I always like to make matching hairbows for each of Eleanor's outfits.  Lately,while wasting productively searching Pinterest, I have been playing with different ideas for hair accessories.  Here is what I made

There are many tutorials out there for these so this idea is NOT mine.  What I have done is mess with different aspects and put them together for one that works for me.  I used some of the leftover aqua flannel and also some leftover Bliss from last year. I used our lovely biscuit cutters to trace two different sizes of circles; I then cut a total of 12 circles from each fabric.  
I have seen many bloggers cut out a floral shape instead of a circle and I do actually have a stacked set of floral cutters that I could trace, however that is more time consuming that I am interested in.  I have seen other bloggers that then quarter the circle and trim, however mine never look nice when I do that.  So, this time I winged it and just left them as circles.  So, I folded each circle in half
 and then into thirds
 Now here is where my fabulous photography skills make this little tutorial just fabulous.  
Perhaps if I am going to post a tutorial on here ever again I will need to take better pictures!  Anyway, I cut a small circle of felt and began placing the petals side by side.  I tried sewing them on this time as opposed to hot gluing them, which I did before, and I have no opinion on one being better than other.  After completing the first row I added the second row of petals.  I picked up some fabric covered buttons at JoAnn, covered them with the Bliss, and sewed them onto the center.  I then glued a barrette on the back of one and a pin on the back of the other.  Since I am sure my instructions are not real clear, the best tutorial I have found out there is here Here is the finished product

Had to add this, not sure why she thought this was a great pose....
So here is my first completion for 2012!  My next plan is to tackle this set and complete the outfit for Eleanor and her 4 dolls.


Rebecca Maples said...

Love the dress, and the matching hair bow!! And a big congrats on the finish. Could you please send some of your productivity my way, I would be forever in your debt;-)

Amy said...

I love the dots, what an adorable dress and hairbow! I'm going to have to pick up some of those fabric covered buttons and try them too. I have lots of ideas for them if I ever have the time. E is too cute as usual!

special 'k' said...

Oh there is little hope for me if already you have finished projects to show off. By the way it is lovely and so is the adorable model. Sending you every good wish for an amazing year. So glad I found you wonderful place, I will follow on my way out and hope you will find the time soon to come visit me and do the same. I look forward to engaging with you in 2010. Cheers Specialk XoXo

Nanette Merrill said...

So nifty. And I love the pose. And the pom poms.