Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Walt Disney World

*Disclaimer - picture heavy post, I mean lots of pictures. Really!*
Back in September we went to Walt Disney World for a week.  I know lots of people have the perfect way to see Disney and other Orlando attractions.  What we did worked great for us, however we only have one child and at 5, Eleanor did not fully know what to expect, so we just went with no plans.  I must also state that I am a die hard Disney fan.  It is my favorite place and I was so excited to take Eleanor there.  My husband can take it or leave it, so he was really a great trooper.  We went Labor Day weekend and stayed for the whole week after.  This worked perfectly for us because preschool was not back in session yet, however pretty much everyone else is.  While the weekend was a bit crowed (but not bad) the week was dead.  In fact, a very nice employee at the bus depot told me that the day after Labor Day is their biggest departure date of the year and that it begins their slowest week of the year.  Perfect!  And I kid you not, we never waited for more than 20 minutes for a ride - and that was at rides like Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad, etc.  We did stay there at the Port Orleans Riverside which we loved and will stay at next time.  Also, we had friends that told us that in September the meal plan is always free if you stay there.  We had plenty of food in the meal plan and were never hungry.  We did get the park hopper passes so we could have the flexibility to go anywhere we wanted.  Also, we added the water parks to our tickets.  While there was not a great deal for Eleanor to do at Typhoon Lagoon, she did have a blast at Blizzard Beach.  We were able to spend time at every single park including 2.5 days at the Magic Kindgom, which was her favorite.  So, here is my picture heavy post.
This may be the only picture of me on my blog
Princess breakfast
watching the princesses arrive

when Daddy takes pictures

Every single day when we got back to the room the housekeeper had arranged Eleanor's stuffed animals in a different pattern.  It was adorable and so sweet.

Telling Vidia that our cat is blind


Selina Marie said...

So very cute!!! I have been anxiously awaiting seeing all these adorable pictures =) Also, you forgot to mention that EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT she wore was made by you! How awesome is that?!

Jeanne Gwin said...

Absolutely adorable. She is such a sweet child. You are truly blessed.

Amy said...

She had to have been the best dressed girl there! I love all her outfits and the silly faces are great. Definitely looks like a great time!

Nanette Merrill said...

I'm laughing. The pictures are awesome. Five is a good age for disney. You know how I am about it but it really does look like you had fun. I have to really laugh that Eleanor got EVERY princess. Such a girly girl.