Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine's Day

I have to say that until Eleanor was born, I never really cared about Valentine's Day.  I have no personal issue with the holiday, however it has just never been a big deal to me.  Even after she was born it was no biggie, until she started preschool 2 years ago.  Now that she knows it is a holiday and they do fun things at school to prepare for it, she gets very excited for it.  We don't do anything spectacular for Valentines day.  I let Eleanor pick out what we have for dinner and I usually make a heart shaped red velvet cake.  This year, because of my quest to lose weight, I am going to try this recipe for lower fat red velvet cupcakes.  One fun thing that I started this year was a daily treat each day starting February 1.  I did find the general idea for this on Pinterest, however I can no longer find it.  I bought this mailbox at Target in the dollar section and had the wood candlestick on hand from other craft purchases.
 I then used my Silhouette and some red vinyl and cut out some fun Valentines themed shapes.
 painted the candlestick red
 applied the vinyl to the mailbox and glued it to the candlestick

 I stocked up on lots of inexpensive ($1 and under) items to put in the mailbox each day.  Here is an example of what she got the first day. 
All totaled, the whole project with the little treats cost me under $15 and it has really been lots of fun to see how excited Eleanor gets each morning.


Amy said...

What a great idea! I saw the same mailbox at our Target too and almost got one. Now I wish I had!

Selina Marie said...

That has got to be the cutest idea ever! Like Amy, I saw the mailbox too and also wish that I had gotten one!