Monday, November 19, 2012

New Maxi Dress

I was recently asked by Carla Crim to test one of her new patterns that she designs for Jennifer Paganelli at SisBoom.  This was the second time I was asked to do this and I am so my mind this equates to Julia Child asking me to test one of her recipes!  Carla let me pick what fabric, and since Eleanor loves all things animal print we went with this fabric (image from SisBoom)
The pattern, Bettyann, is an adorable Maxi Dress.  However, as with all of Carla and Jennifer's patterns, this pattern can easily be shortened to be a shirt, short dress, mid length or full length.  This is one of my favorite things about Carla's patterns...she always includes the easiest instructions on how to adapt a pattern to any length.  There is never the need for any math in my head!  Anyway, I started and finished the entire pattern in 3 hours yesterday.  In the future, I know this will be quicker however since I was testing it I wanted to make sure that I carefully read and followed each and every note.
Another think I love about all the SisBoom patterns and Carla's Scientific Seamstress patterns is that if you have made one, you can make them all.  The patterns are all consistent in the language and method so that each pattern is easier than the one before.  The sizing also makes it very easy to accomadate any size.  Eleanor is an average 6yr old with regards to height, however she is only 35lbs.  I always use Carla's suggestion for chest measurement for size - a 3/4 for Eleanor.  Then, because of her great diagrams, I can use the length for a 45" 6yr old and we easily have the perfect fit.  Here is the finished product!
*Disclaimer - I was so focused on getting pictures of the dress this morning I totally forgot to pack lunch for Eleanor.  To her delight, this meant she got to buy hot lunch, thrilling to her and revolting to me*
 I love that this dress looks adorable with a turtleneck, leggings and boots but come spring it will look cute with a t-shirt.  In the summer, as a sun dress it will be fabulous!
 I made the matching gray felt flower pin and matching hair flower on my embroidery machine, I thought they added some fun to it.
It is hard to tell here but the turtleneck isn't just gray but it is shimmery gray.  Hello Target, you speak my child's love language.

I can honestly say that I have yet to sew a pattern from Jennifer and Carla that I have not loved.  They are all easy yet look so professional.  I already have two more fabrics ready to make this dress in!  And in the summer, in a white it will be beautiful!  LOVE it!!  Hopefully they will come out with an adult version of this dress.  And yes Beth...I will totally make myself one to match Eleanor!

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