Friday, January 4, 2013

Kids Custom Appliqued Shirts Sample Sale

I am getting ready to add new items to my shop for St. Patrick's Day, Easter and also spring.  I am going to try something different this time.  Rather than make all the samples for Eleanor, who does not have the need for 3-4 shirts per holiday, I am going to sell my samples on a first come first serve basis.  Shirts are currently $22.50+$4.00 s/h but effective February 1 they will be $25.00.  Sample shirts will be sold for $18.00+s/h.  You will still get to add a name or monogram for free.  I will then use these pictures on my shop; pictures will be taken before shipping to you...I will NOT be asking you to send me pictures (but I would love them if you would:)).  Here are the current shirt options (not shown are onesies, I use Carters brand onesies)

Boys Long Sleeve 12m-6

 Boys Short Sleeve 12m-6

 Girls Short Sleeve 12m-12

 Girls Long Sleeve 12m-12

St. Patrick's Day Samples:

Truck with Shamrock

 Four Leaf Clover

Shamrock Scallop Patch

 Dog with Shamrock

Easter Designs

Boy Bunny ( bow added for girl)

 Dog with Easter Basket

 Truck with Easter Egg

 Boy Easter Basket

Girl Easter Basket

Girl Easter Bunny

 Peep, boy or girl

Easter Bunny Patch

Spring Items

Baseball Bats and Ball

 Golf Ball and Tee

 Dog with Soccer Ball



 Golf Tee with Scallop Patch

 Rain Boots


To order please leave a comment or you can email me  Include the following information with your order:
PayPal address (so I can invoice you)
Shirt type and size
Design Choice and color ideas (I will email you fabric pictures to make sure the shirt is exactly how you want it)
Name and font choice (fonts are listed below)



 Rock Star




As always, please feel free to let me know if you have any questions!


Shannon Willcutt said...

I am so proud for you and what you are accomplishing!! And so JEALOUS too!!! I am no further along in my sewing dreams as before...but I am just having to be okay with that right now. The sweet lady from my church has had some health issues, plus it seemed like every time we would plan to get together, the school would call me in to sub. So I'm just letting my Mom do all my sewing for me...which is honestly really nice *Ü* Maybe I'll learn when I have grandchildren...ha!!

javediqbal said...
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